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Overall  %Passes 99.2 97.4 98.6 97.6 100 97.5


Thrust 1: Academic Excellence

Smartest Singapore 2012 – An educational event involving100-second speed challenges in languages, mathematics and general knowledge


Samuel Chua (5A-2012) - 2nd place, P5 Category

Goh Yu Hung (2F-2012) – Top 20, P2 Category



Tamil Language Competition for Primary Schools 2013:


Singing Competition – 3rd

Siddharth Naranthiran – P1B


Story Telling Competition – 3rd

S.Sarvesh – P3A1



Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest:


Junior Category for P4 and 5 Pupils – Credit (Junior Category)

Chang Kaining Gladys (P4A)

Cheong Ming En Xanders (P4A)

Lim Kai Rui Caleb (P4A)

Lee Jia Ying, Rachel (P5A)


Open Category for P6 Pupils - Credit (Open Category)

Wong Zhi Heng  (P6A)                                  

Jonathan Su Yuntao (P6A)    

Gabriel Jeremiah Vincent (P6A)

Xavier Hioe Yi Jun (P6A)      

Lucian Miles Ho (P6B)           

Lau Kai Chong (P6B) 

Rigel Teo Lu Jun (P6C)



World Math Day Online Challenge

(Total number of participants: 8352)

Top 50 (8-10 years category):

Rank       Name           Class

5             Manish            3A1

17           Jagan              2A

21          Amritha            4I

Top 50 (11-13 years category):

Rank    Name        Class

24        Samuel      6A

Top 50 Classes (8-10 years category):

Rank       Class

34             3A1

36             2B

45             4I


12th Inter-School National Scrabble Competition 2013 –


2nd (Doubles Events)

Lee Yan Hwee (2D)

Harris Bin Juraimi (2D)



Wits & Words Debate Tournament


Top 20 team (out of 60 participating schools)

Kishen S/O Kasinathan (6A)

Tan Si Wei (6A)

Ryan Goh Kwang Jin (6A)

Grace Chia Yong Yong (6A)

Laetitia Chia Yi Min (6A)