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Mothers’ Day Origami Card-Making


Mothers’ Day Origami Card-Making

To thank all the Mothers and parents for their continuous support to Rivervale Primary School, the Art Department collaborated with the school’s Parent Support Group in setting up a card-making booth for pupils during the Mothers’ Day week. Conducted by Art teachers and Parent Volunteers from the PSG, pupils were taught how to make a simple Mothers’ Day Card by folding an origami flower over two recesses. Pupils then get to write a message and bring the cards home to be presented to their Mothers.

This card-making activity was also conducted by the P1 teachers in class during curriculum in which pupils were guided to write a simple message to show their appreciation to their Mothers.


Pupils learning to fold an origami flower


The booth swarmed by eager pupils wanting to make a card for their Mothers.


Pupils gleaming with pride and showing off their completed Mothers’ Day card.