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Cyber Wellness




To imbue Riverlites with proper online etiquettes and cyber wellness via programs that are authentic and fun.





iZHero Challenge

A global initiative with one mission: to empower our kids to become heroes who positively impact their community. The initiative has many fun and interactive activities for kids that help them master all of the Super iZ Powers. The activities promote respect and empathy, and teach kids how to deal with cyber-bullying and other digital risks.


Cyber Wellness Ambassador Program

To promote safe and responsible use of Information-Communication Technologies (ICT) among pupils through peer education.



A school-initiated program addressing the 21st century skills (cyber literacy) that Riverlites need to be familiar with.




  • P1 Induction for Parents  
    Introduction to cyber wellness
  • Parents workshops
    Creating Awareness on Media Ratings


iZ Hero 2015


Our iZ Heros in action!













Click here to watch a video


Google site for Rivervale Cyber Wellness programme