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CL Learning Resources

The following websites provides useful information for parents and students.


1. PSLE Approved Dictionary List         


Students are allowed to use approved Chinese dictionaries or electronic dictionaries when they are sitting for Mother Tongue Paper 1.  They are required to use the dictionaries listed in the approved dictionary list issued by SEAB.


2. Oracy eLand 听说e乐园


The Oracy eLand is an online learning portal that is designed to equip primary 1 to 3 students with commonly used vocabulary and sentence patterns that they can use in their daily conversations with others.

3. Xue Le 学乐


A website that features multimedia content that complements the CL primary curriculum and interactive resources for secondary schools.  Except for the section containing pictures, videos and animations, resources corresponding to the various sections of the textbook are available for access.

4. iMTL Portal iMTL乐学善用互动平台

This is a web-based online interactive portal catering to students from Primary Four onwards. It is designed in alignment with the Chinese syllabus and forms an essential component of the curriculum. With a wide range of functions such as video recording, text-to-speech, speech evaluation and peer feedback, this portal will strengthen students’ language skills in the MTLs through self-directed and collaborative learning.


5. Chinese Language Word Games 语文游戏乐翻天


A portal that uses educational games to aid P1-P3 students in the revision of Chinese characters and words that they have learnt through an enriching and enjoyable learning experience. To gain access, please enter pupil's BC no. for username, and his/her individual password (password is given by subject teacher).


6. Happy Town 欢乐小镇


A platform for CL students to share journals, tell stories and exchange views on topics of interest. Also features content for CL learning.

7. Recommended CL Supplementary Readers (2012) 小学华文辅助读物推荐书目


The list of Supplementary Chinese Language reader is compiled by Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Chinese Unit. They include books recommended by established publishers and teachers, who have been actively promoting student-reading programmes in school, for parents’ reference.

Thumbs Up 大拇指


The tabloid-sized Chinese newspaper was targeted at students between Pri 3-6. It presents news to students in a perspective that their young mind can understand, so as to improve their general knowledge and Chinese language ability.  To cater to children’s reading preferences, the newspaper includes varied sections of abridged news, interesting comics and stories for online reading and listening.


9. Thumbs Up Junior 小拇指


Thumbs Up Junior is published fortnightly on Tuesdays for primary one and two students. The newspaper covers a wide range of content, including local and foreign news, human-interest stories, Chinese culture, quizzes and riddles, conversation practices and hanyu pinyin learning.  It makes learning the Chinese language a fun and lively experience.

10. The iFlashbook 小学华文动漫书

An Online Interactive CL Textbook developed by Creative Knowledge Ltd which features the Chinese Language Textbooks for Primary Schools. Yearly subscription is required.