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Changsha 25 – 31 May 2012


Highlights of Trip :

  • Visited birthplaces/hometowns of the politicians and scholars e.g. Mao Ze Dong, Chen Jia Geng. Pupils have a deeper understanding of these famous people.
  • Home-stay experience: They learn to interact and understand the culture of the people in China. Pupils also learn to be more independent.
  • Art & Craft Exchange: Riverlites and teachers have an opportunity to share our unique Batik Painting with the local pupils & staff. In exchange, 
  • the local school taught our pupils their expertise in Print-Making Art skills.

Changsha Trip - Photos 01


Changsha Trip - Photos 02


Changsha Trip - Photos 03

Pupils enjoyed themselves experiencing traditional drumming dance


Pupils did a blog of their experiences in Changsha. Pupils have to divide out the work amongst themselves to do the blog during the trip and after they returned.

See their blog here


Pupils put up performance for the local schools. They also had hands-on experience in Print-Making and Batik Art.

Changsha Trip - Photos 04


After listening to the introduction of the Chinese opera face masks, the pupils had hands-on experience with the painting of the masks.

Changsha Trip - Photos 05


Pupils apply their skills learnt from Financial Literacy Workshop.

Changsha Trip - Photos 06


Pupils did their reflection throughout the trip. (See blog & below)

Changsha Trip - Reflections


Pupils learn about different currency exchange rates before the trip. During the trip, they managed their money well.

Changsha Trip - Photos 07


Pupils are able to pick up new skills and improvised on the spot.

Changsha Trip - Photos 08


Interaction with the local pupils.

Changsha Trip - Photos 09


Pupils gave a speech in front of 3000 local pupils confidently.

Changsha Trip - Photos 10


Some of the pupils did not bring umbrellas and their group mates readily offered their umbrellas to their group mates.

Changsha Trip - Photos 11