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Taiwan (Taipei) 17 – 22 Nov 2013


Highlights of Trip :

  • Visit to the Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch (‘Green Library’)北投绿色博物馆, which is a marvel of green architecture. 
  • Visit to Rabbit Pencils Factory 玉兔文具工厂to learn about the history of pencils and pencil-making and enjoy making your own personalized pencils on the spot.
  • Yilan Toucheng Leisure Farm 头城农场 to enjoy the farm activities, such as animal feeding, fruit and vegetable picking, fishing and padi planting.

Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photo 01


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photo 02


RivBE Feature


Purposeful Engagement

Hands-on activities and farm-stay


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 03


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 04


ICT embedded

Making of travel video to introduce Taiwan to peers, and/or travel blog.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 05 


Refer to website https://www.facebook.com/rvpstaiwan


Holistically integrated

Pupils put up performance for the local schools. They also have hands-on experience in Pencil-Making and Animal Feeding, Fruits & Vegetables Picking, Fishing and Padi-Planting.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 06 


Thinking Driven

Pupils divided out the work amongst themselves to make the video during the trip and after they returned.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 07 


Active Experimentation

After learning the history of pencils & pencils-making, the pupils had hands-on experience with the making of pencils.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 08


Concrete Experience

Pupils applied their skills learnt from Financial Literacy Workshop, and the Reporters’ Training Workshop.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 09 


 Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 10


Reflective Observation

Pupils did their reflection throughout the trip, to be included in their travel video projects.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Reflection 01


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Reflection 02 


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Reflection 03


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Reflection 04 


Abstract Conceptualisation

Pupils learn about different currency exchange rates before the trip. During the trip, they have to manage their money well.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 11 


A Reporters’ Training Workshop was conducted for pupils prior the trip. Pupils had hands-on experience in the making of their own travel video.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 12


Creative & Adaptive Learners

Pupils picked up new skills and improvised on the spot.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 13


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 14 


World-Ready Citizens

Interaction with the local people.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 15 


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 16


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 17 


Confident & Skilled Communicators

Pupils to interview local people for their travel videos.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 18


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 19 


Caring & Emphatic Citizens

Pupils will learn how to care for the environment through the local school, ‘Green Library’ Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch and the farm-stay at Yilan Toucheng Leisure Farm.


Taiwan (Taipei) Trip - Photos 20