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2013 Primary 2 Pupils' Musical Charlotte's Web

To promote a holistic education with an emphasis on creativity, innovation and effective communication, all our Primary Two Riverlites took part in Speech and Drama lessons as their enrichment programme in Term 1. To celebrate their learning, they put up a dazzling and colourful musical adapted from the famous story of “Charlotte’s Web” on 29 April 2013. Our lovely pupils brought the story alive with their songs, dance and music. With each class anchoring a different scene from the story, every pupil has an opportunity to perform. The audience, which comprised 200 proud parents, showed their appreciation for their children’s performances with a thunderous applause. Besides having great fun in learning and acting, our pupils also learnt values such as teamwork, resilience, perseverance and friendship in the process of preparing for this performance. These values will definitely stand them in good stead for the future.