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P1 & P2 Riv BE Trail to Rivervale Mall

All our Primary 1 and 2 pupils are engaged in a Riv BE (Rivervale Brand of Education) trail to the Rivervale Mall in Term 2 to achieve the following objectives:


  • To instil the love of learning Mathematics through concrete experience. 
  • To introduce abstract Mathematical concepts to the daily life so that the Mathematics learning is purposeful.
  • To infuse English, National Education and Health Education into the trail.
  • To inculcate mutual respect and cooperation based on the school core values of teamwork and caring.
  • To learn to ‘Keep Myself Safe’ by being aware of the external environment.


Before the trail, pupils are briefed on the objectives and on safety matters. Each class is re-grouped into smaller groups and the Form or Subject Teachers are supported by Parent Volunteers to further level up pupils’ learning and safety.



Which brand of milk is a value for money (cheap and good)?



Learning together in teams



Pupils  engrossed in  their learning.



Our parent volunteer is helpful and learning Mathematics in a supermarket is really fun!



We keep ourselves safe at all times.