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P2 Camp 2014

Date:  2nd  April 2014

Venue: School




To provide opportunities for Riverlites to:

  • develop confidence and resilience through fun and engaging outdoor activities
  • inculcate healthy eating and lifestyle habits 
  • enhance knowledge of popular landmarks in Singapore

The P2 pupils visited Health Promotion Board where they were given an insight to healthy eating and healthy living. After which, they embarked on a city bus tour to China Town.

The afternoon was spent in school, showing off their knowledge in orienteering and knots tying.

The PE Department would like to thank the P2 form teachers and staff, PSG, parents, pupil volunteers, and RIVA for the smooth running of the P2 Camp.


Pupils getting ready for the safety briefing before the start of the afternoon activities.


Mr Syah briefed the campers on the Rules of Orienteering before pupils were divided into 2 groups for concurrent activities.


Mr Zaki teaching the campers knot tying.


Final briefing for RIVA before the start of the Orienteering.


Pupils discussing and tracing the trail on their maps.


Tracing and tracing…. There were 4 different trails.


Another successful attempt at knot tying!


Peer coaching in knot tying.


RIVA facilitating campers in the camp activities.


Pupil volunteers who assisted in the set-up of the activity stations.


Mdm Maria giving the closing speech at the end of the P2 Camp.