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NE Trail 2015



 16th NE Heritage Trail


 From Bricks to Mortar




 0730 to 1430


  • The Trail brought the participants to the heartlands of Chinatown and Telok Ayer. These two places have retained significant parts of their heritage amidst challenges to modernise and keep up with times. Participants discovered more about their identity as a Singaporean and articulate values that most resonant with them.  Participants went through the self-directed Trail by completing the activities and tasks given to them through the App-Trail Shuttle using an I-Pad. Through the trail, they discovered more about their identity as a Singaporean and have learned to articulate values that most resonant with them.


  • To inculcate an appreciation of Singapore’s unique aesthetic, cultural, and historical heritage through fact finding at prominent landmarks and locations
  • To equip students with the 21st Century Skills to achieve the desired outcomes of a Confident Person, Self-directed Learner, Concerned Citizen and Active Contributor









Mdm Ng Wan Jun

Main I/C


Ms Sandra Gerk



Mrs Angie Liu



Mr Khair Johari



Ms Gerladine Goh



Ms Huang Biyun



Mrs Linda Goh




About 145 students from both Rivervale Primary School and other schools participated in the event. Each team was made up of 5 students from Primary 3 to Primary 6 and 2 adults (1 teacher and 1 parent volunteer). Through the tasks and activities assigned, students observed the stark contrast of housing in the past with what they have today and appreciate how strategic urban planning has played an essential role in integrating our multi-racial and multi-cultural society. The students posted their reflections on Instagram and shared their thoughts with the other participants. As part of the school’s effort to promote family bonding, students were encouraged to share their biggest takeway from the Trail with their family members, and interview their parents and grandparents on stories or memories they had of Chinatown or Telok Ayer.




Throughout the Trail, the upper primary students were paired up with the lower primary students and hence given the opportunity to care for one another. These participants went through the self-directed Trail by completing the activity or task given to them through the App-Trail Shuttle using an I-Pad. After which, the participants uploaded their answers and reflections through the Instagram. They also designed a NE Trail Comic Strip to showcase their learnings from the Trail.



NE Messages

  • Singapore is our homeland; this is where we belong.
    We treasure our heritage and take pride in shaping our own unique way of life.
  • We must preserve racial and religious harmony.
    We value our diversity and are determined to stay a united people.
  • No one owes Singapore a living.
    We find our own way to survive and prosper, turning challenge into opportunity.


21 Century Competencies

  • Confident Person
  • Self-directed Learner
  • Concerned Citizen
  • Active Contributor



  • Positive Attitude
  • Hardworking
  • Caring
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork



Our student docents in action at Tian Hock Keng Temple and Amoy Street Food Centre.


Every team presented their learnings through Instagram, providing information on the various sites while demonstrating their ICT and photography skills. At the sites, participants looked for clues and completed the tasks set as a team without relying on their teachers.


Participants drew and wrote their thoughts and penned down their reflections on the doddle space.

The instant photograph-taking booth for participants to capture their memorable experience.


Winning teams were recognized for their great effort in reflecting their rich learnings and displaying teamwork throughout the Trail.






Rivervale Teams: 1st Prize-Team 9


Participating school teams: 1st Prize-Team 21 (Marymount Convent School)


Rivervale Primary School Teams:
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