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Term 1 Active Week


Date: 9-11 March 2015

Venue: School


  1. To engage pupils in healthy activities
  2. Create a platform for CCA pupils to lead in serving their fellow Riverlites

The Active Week is a platform where student leaders served fellow Riverlites by organising simplified games and managing them during the recess. Through this platform, the students participated in healthy activities with friends. This platform also provides opportunity for students to try out new sports and healthy activities which they could share with their parents during their leisure time.


Soccer CCA set up modified faced off for the fellow Riverlites.


CCA student leader officiating the faced off.



Badminton CCA set up courts for fellow Riverlites.


Athletics CCA managed the Shuttle Run Challenge.


Scrabble CCA set up the  ‘Take A Challenge’

Scrabble CCA members guided fellow Riverlites in Take –A-Challenge.
Financial Literacy(FL) CCA set up their booth to for Riverlites to play the FL related board game