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School Rules and Regulations

1.              Basic Rules


1.1      General Conduct

1.1.1  Exhibit good values – respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, care, harmony, excellence and teamwork.

1.1.2  Be courteous and well-mannered and greet all teachers, non-teaching staff (e.g. officers in the general office, school attendants) and visitors.

1.1.3  Observe orderliness and self-discipline. Move in a quiet and orderly manner when moving along corridors and staircases.

1.1.4  Keep the school environment and the classrooms clean at all times.


1.2      Attendance and Punctuality

1.2.1  Daily attendance is COMPULSORY.  Truancy will be dealt with severely.

1.2.2  Absenteeism must be covered by either a medical certificate from a doctor or a letter from parents/guardian.

1.2.3  Punctuality is expected for school and school-organised activities.  Disciplinary action will be taken against latecomers.

1.2.4  Students are expected to report to the assembly venue by 7.30 a.m.

1.2.5  Students who report to the assembly venue after 7.30 a.m. will be considered late for school.

Actions taken against latecomers

FOUR times late

·     Warning letter to be sent out to parents.

SIX times late

·     Call to parents by Year Head (YH) /Assistant Year Head (AYH) / Head of Department (HOD).

·     Parents to meet school leaders (SL), if necessary.

SEVEN times late

·     Offence to be recorded and conduct grades will be affected.

1.3      Leaving School during School Hours

1.3.1  Students are not allowed to leave the school during school hours unless accompanied by their parents/guardian.

1.3.2  Parents/guardian are to sign out with the office staff when taking their child/children out of school.  If the child is unwell, the parent should take the unwell child to see a doctor instead of taking him/her home directly from school.


1.4      Assembly/Pledge Taking

1.4.1  Be ready for the Assembly & Flag Raising Ceremony at 7.30 a.m.

1.4.2  Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.  Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

1.4.3  Latecomers, as well as parents/visitors who are in the school premises, should stand at attention during the singing of the National Anthem and the taking of the Pledge.


1.5      Examination Matters

1.5.1  Students are to be punctual for all examination papers. They will not be given extra time to complete the examination if they are late.

1.5.2  Students are not allowed to bring their bags, books, papers, mobile phones, computerized wrist watches or other unauthorised personal belongings (e.g. MP3 player, digital camera) into the examination room.

1.5.3  Students must listen to the invigilator and follow the instructions at all times.

1.5.4  Students are NOT to cheat or assist in cheating.

1.5.5  Students are NOT to turn and look around at other candidates and/or borrow stationery from them, as this may be mistaken for cheating.

1.5.6  Do NOT talk or communicate (verbally or non-verbally) with other students during the examination.

1.5.7  Students who are unwell on the days of examination are advised not to turn up in school. They should consult a doctor and obtain a medical certificate.


1.6       Possession of Handphone

1.6.1  Students who bring their handphones to school are to switch them off at all times in school. Handphones can only be used to contact parents/guardian after school dismissal at the waiting area outside the general office or the security guard post.

1.6.2  Students have to be responsible for their handphones. The school is not responsible for any damage and/or loss of the phone.

1.6.3  No handphone is to be brought into the examination room during examination.

1.6.4  No using of handphone to play games, surf internet, take photographs and/or videos in school.

1.6.5  Students will be required to surrender their handphones if they do not comply with the rules.

1.6.6  Parents/guardian will need to come to school to collect the confiscated handphone within three working days.



1.7      Others

1.7.1  Students who are participating in the after-school programme in the afternoon are strongly encouraged to take their lunch in the school canteen. Students who need to go home for lunch are required to inform their teachers.

1.7.2  Students are not allowed to bring any unauthorised electronic devices to school.

1.7.3  Students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

1.7.4  From time to time, the school may publish photographs/videos of parents/students taken at school events. Photographs and videos may be published in school publications, social media platforms and used in school briefings, workshops and other educational purposes.  

1.7.5  Students are not allowed to trade/sell/buy game cards, online credits or goods in any form to any school mate.


2        Classroom Management

2.1    Students are to stand up and greet the teacher/visitor when the teacher/visitor enters or leaves the class.

2.2    Students who are late or absent for a lesson without a valid reason will face disciplinary action.

2.3    No student is to remain in the classroom during recess.

2.4    No food and/or drink are to be consumed in the classroom except during their Healthy Bites Break (snack break).

2.5    No student is to leave the classroom without permission of the teacher and without the “Class Leave Pass.”

2.6    Take pride in your school work and hand them in punctually.


3.      Social Responsibilities

3.1    Students are to take their temperature daily at home.

3.2    Students who have a trigger temperature of 37.50C and above and/or are unwell should not report to school.  They should see a doctor and rest at home.

3.3    Students are advised to maintain high standards of personal hygiene at all times.

3.4    Students who travel overseas are to avoid crowded places and maintain high standards of personal hygiene.


4.      Road Safety

4.1    Students crossing Rivervale Drive in front of the school must use the traffic-light controlled pedestrian crossing.

4.2    Students crossing the zebra crossing or the traffic-light controlled pedestrian crossing must raise their right hand to alert oncoming vehicles.

4.3    Parents transporting their children to school in their own vehicles are to ensure that their children alight at the back gate of the school, including on rainy days.


5.     The Canteen

5.1    Food and drinks must only be consumed in the canteen.

5.2    No student is allowed to eat and/or drink in the canteen except during recess and lunch time.

5.3    Students have to finish consuming their food upon the first bell.

5.4    Always queue for food, drinks and other services.

5.5    Used crockery/cups must be returned to the respective stalls or put into the receptacles provided.

5.6    Wrappers and empty cartons must be thrown into the litter bins.

5.7    Students must assemble in the hall immediately after recess and before proceeding to their classrooms.


6      School Attire

         6.1      School Uniform

6.1.1  Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and name tag. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.

6.1.2   School tie must be worn every Monday.

6.1.3   The school uniform must be worn in school and at all school activities/functions.

6.1.4   Students must wear their school PE attire for PE, games and other CCAs.

6.1.5   Students are allowed to wear their PE attire to school on their PE days except on Mondays.

6.1.6   Students are not allowed to wear their uniform to any shopping malls (e.g. Rivervale  

           Mall, Compass One) unless accompanied by their parents.

6.1.7   Students are allowed to be in their PE or CCA attire every Friday. P1 and P2 students are also allowed to wear their PE attire on days with PAL lessons or P1 Elective programmes.


6.2       Jewellery

6.2.1    No valuables are to be brought to school.

6.2.2    All confiscated jewellery will be handed to the school for safekeeping. Parents should claim the confiscated item(s) from the school.

6.2.3    Girls may wear small and simple ear studs in plain gold or silver.  Earrings, multiple ear studs and ear sticks are strictly not allowed in school.

6.2.4    Boys are not allowed to have their ears pierced or wear earrings/ear studs.

6.2.5    All religious ornaments (pendants, bracelets, etc.), if worn, should not be visible to the others.


         6.3      General Appearance

  6.3.1   Students should be neat and tidy at all times.

  6.3.2   Spectacles should be plain and non-fanciful.

  6.3.3   Nails must be kept short and clean.  Nail polish is not allowed.

  6.3.4   Hair must be neat and tidy at all time. Trendy or fanciful hairstyles are not allowed.

  6.3.5   Gel, mousse, fanciful styling and/or tinting of hair are not allowed.

  6.3.6   Girls’ hair must be above collar or neatly tied up. The fringe must be neat and above

             the eyebrows. Only plain dark blue or black ribbons, rubber bands and hair clips should

             be used on the head.

  6.3.7   Boys’ hair should be short and neat.

  6.3.8   Boys must be in neat appearance, clean shaven and no facial hair is allowed.

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