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Public Speaking


Riverlites will develop oratorical skills and an appreciation of current issues.



Riverlites are eloquent and confident speakers.


Brief Overview

Pupils are trained in a wide range of debate topics, techniques and formats. Debate improves critical thinking, argumentation and public speaking skills as pupils learn to think clearly under pressure, analyse complex arguments and speak with confidence. Debate also opens the mind to different points of views and fosters a critical understanding of current affairs.


Debate tournaments/workshops that we participate in:


1)Wits & Words Interschool Debate Championship


2) ACJC Debate Masterclass


3) RI Debate 101 Workshop


4) Primary School Debate Open (PSDO) 

5) Raffles Institution Inter-Primary School Debate Tournament

6) Primary School Open Debate

Day & Time



Levels involved



5 Respect Classroom

8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

1st IC Mr Razif


2nd IC Mdm Wan



Ms Laura

All levels

Our Achievements





PSDO 2018

Ranked Speaker Award

Faith Teo Khai En



RI Invitationals 2017 

Best Speaker (Prelim Rounds)
Shreniti Krishna

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-16 at 08.11.00.jpeg
Our debating team, after winning 2 of 3 matches in the Inter- School Debate Championship 2021. 
Sherlin clinched best speaker awards for both matches!

at RI.jpeg
Our debaters at RI

in action.jpeg
In action!

our champ.jpeg
Our Champion!

Debating Circle - Winning Team 2017

Our Winning Team 2017

Saying farewell to our inspirational team from WitsNWords

Saying farewell to our inspirational team from WitsNWords


Food for fuel!

Food for fuel!


In Action!

In Action!