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Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS)

Dear Parents,

As part of Ministry of Education’s (MOE) commitment to nurture future-ready learners, an online learning platform known as the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) is made available to the students.

The SLS is an online platform with tools and curriculum-aligned resources for all students to learn at their own pace and collaboratively. With the SLS, students can take greater ownership of their learning and pick up skills and habits that prepare them for lifelong learning. Teachers will also use the SLS to complement classroom teaching and learning.

The SLS is collectively shaped by teachers and students. Taking into consideration their ideas and feedback on the resources and tools, the system is developed iteratively to stay dynamic and responsive.

The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) is accessible through https://learning.moe.edu.sg

To get started with SLS, please view the instructions here.

During Home Based Learning, for assistance, email rivps.sls@gmail.com

Useful guides for navigating SLS