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SCIENCE @ Rivervale
In Rivervale Primary School, we want all our students to be science inquirers. Following our vision for students to have lively curiosity about things around them, teachers designed lessons to allow students to understand the various topics through inquiry and exploration. Hand-on experiments in and outside the classrooms help the students to connect concepts taught to life experience. Through the various Science programmes, teachers imbue in the students a love for Science – to “Think Science; Love Science”.


Students will have a lively curiosity about things around them and be able to explore, think and express themselves



To equip students with an inquiring mind as they discover and create new knowledge to innovate and invent to face the challenges of the future 




Mrs Jamie Yeo


Mr Tang Kwang Wue

LH (int)

Ms Veronica Tan


Mdm Nicole Tan

ST (int)

Mr Alman

P3 Teacher

Mdm Azrina

P4 Teacher

Mr Ho Kit Yung

P4 Teacher

Mdm Lam Mei Jun

P4 Teacher

Mrs Liew Bee Lin

P5 Teacher

Mr Yeo Peng Quee

P5 Teacher

Mrs Pauline Foong

P6 Teacher

Mdm Lau Wan Yu

Science Teacher

Mrs Angie Liu

YH/Upp Consortium

Mr Zakir

HOD Discipline (int)

Mdm Nora

CH/CCA (int)




Time Frame

Science Workshop


Term 1

E2K Science

P4 & P5 students (by invitation)

Term 1 – Term 4

Science Competitions

P4 to P6 selected students

Term 1 – Term 4

Science Alive!

P3 to P6 students

Term 1 – Term 4

Environmental Programme

P1 to P6 students

Term 1 – Term 4

Science Reading Programme

P3 to P6 students

Term 1 – Term 4

Science Learning Journeys

P3 to P6 students

Term 1 – Term 3

Green Week

P1 to P6 students

Term 2

Science Carnival

P3 to P5 students

Term 3

P2 Science Fair

P2 students

Term 4

Our Environmental Programmes

  • GreenWave Project 2019 - Don’t Let the Seahorse Gallop down the Seaweed Lanes : Unknown to many, seahorses which have been vulnerable to the environmental factors and human’s selfish overfishing for their medicinal values, have been listed in the Red List of the threatened sea animals in Singapore. This incites us to voice and unveil the hidden circumstance of their endangered existence and correct the misconception of killing the seahorses as their survival continues to be threatened menacingly in this imperiling real world. To educate our students on the responsible conservation of the marine in our ecosystem, we manifest our whole-school reach out through our students’ own created story (writing from the seahorses’ perspective to voice their survival challenges) to impede the declining population of these sea animals.

  • H2Olympics Amazing Race @ Dunman High School on 7 March 2018. Students learnt about the importance of conserving and recycling water through this event.


  • Upcycling Outreach @ Rivervale CC Ground Breaking Event and Open House on 16 September 2018. Our P5 students took part in the National Youth Upcycling Movement (NYUM) this year and had a booth at the event to promote upcycling and bring awareness to the public.


  • MLP Carnival on 17th September. Students used Scratch programming software to demonstrate their ICT application with an environment theme.


  • Upcycling Outreach within the school during our Cultural Appreciation Evening on 21st September.


  • Upcycling Outreach @ Punggol North ECO Carnival on 3 November 2018.


  • Students' Voices on 9th April to pledge to reduce our carbon footprint on Earth.


  • Commemorating Earth Hour 2018.


  • Greenwave project by Sembcorp Marine. Students took part in the annual Greenwave project and made a rainwater collection tank using recycled materials.


  • Outreach to the community on reducing food waste by the student leaders on 14th August.


  • Learning Journey to Electricity Efficiency Centre for the Environment Monitors on 9th February.

  • Green Week 2018. Students put up a skit to educate their classmates on recycling during recess assemblies.


Science Alive!

The Science Alive! programme is carried out during recesses to excite students with Science experiments and sometimes also create awareness about environmental issues facing us. 


P2 Science Fair

The annual P2 Junior Science Fair was held on 8 November 2018. The P2 classes had hands-on experiences in trying out experiments and exposure to the different Science topics such as Magnets, Energy, Systems and Forces. They had a chance to display their experiments and present to the P2 cohort.


P5 Science Carnival

The annual P5 Science carnival provides an opportunity for the students to be immersed in the joy of learning. The students made learning come alive as they showcased their experiments to their peers.


P5 Science Learning Journey to Science Centre

Our P5 went on a Learning Journey to Science Centre on 24 May 2018 after their SA1 Examinations.


P6 Learning Journey to Science Centre

Our P6 students had a day of fun and experiential learning at Science Centre on 6th March.


E2K Science programme

This year, the Science Department embarked on the E2K Science programme for selected P4 students whereby they devise their own experiments to learn about Science concepts.