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SCIENCE @ Rivervale
In Rivervale Primary School, we want all our students to be science inquirers. Following our vision for students to have lively curiosity about things around them, teachers designed lessons to allow students to understand the various topics through inquiry and exploration. Hand-on experiments in and outside the classrooms help the students to connect concepts taught to life experience. Through the various Science programmes, teachers imbue in the students a love for Science – to “Think Science; Love Science”.


Students will have a lively curiosity about things around them and be able to explore, think and express themselves



To equip students with an inquiring mind as they discover and create new knowledge to innovate and invent to face the challenges of the future 






Mrs Jamie Yeo



Mr Tang Kwang Wue



Ms Veronica Tan



Mdm Nicole Tan

P4/P5/P6 Teacher


Mdm Lau Wan Yu



Ms Pauline Lee

P3/P4/P5 Teacher


Mr Ho Kit Yung

P3/P5/P6 Teacher


Mdm Azrina

P4/P5/P6 Teacher


Mr Alman

P3/P4/P5 Teacher


Mr Yeo Peng Quee

P4/P5/P6 Teacher


Mrs Liew Bee Lin

P3/P4/P6 Teacher


Mrs Angie Liu

YH/Upp Consortium


Mr Zakir

HOD Discipline




Time Frame

E2K Science

P4 & P5 students (by invitation)

Term 1 – Term 4

Science Competitions

P4 to P6 selected students

Term 1 – Term 4

Science Alive!

P3 to P6 students

Term 2 – Term 4

Environmental Programmes

P1 to P6 students

Term 1 – Term 4

Science Learning Journeys

P3 to P6 students

Term 1 – Term 3

Science Learning Experiences

P3 to P6 students

Term 2

Earth Hour

P1 to P6 students

Term 2

Green Week

P1 to P6 students

Term 2

Science Carnival

P3 to P5 students

Term 3

P2 Science Fair

P2 students

Term 4

Green Wave Environmental Care Competition

Green Wave Environmental Care Competition organized by Sembawang Shipyard, aims to the community at large, particularly the students, to participate in learning about caring, protecting, maintaining and positively utilizing our environment so that individually and together, we can contribute towards the conservation and improvement of our environment for Singapore's sustainable environment.



Sharing the student-written story about the endangered seahorses online through Youtubeschool website and Student Learning Space 






National Youth Upcycling Movement (NYUM)

NYUM aims to educate the youth on the threats facing the natural environment and inspire them to take action in promoting a culture of sustainability through upcycling and green consumerism. Sharing similar aims, we empowered our students to design and create an upcycled item using waste materials with the given theme. After which, the newly created upcycled items will be produced in bulk by our students and sold to the community and within our school. The sales proceed will then be channelled to aid our students on Financial Assistance Scheme.


Sembcorp GO GREEN Fund + RECESS Programme

In continuing our long working partnership with SembWaste Pte Ltd, the Public Waste Collector, our school shows our support through our participation in the two above-mentioned recycling programmes annually. These programmes aim to inspire our students to be environmental activists through their real-live 3R movements in school and recognize the harmonious coexistence of urban living and green living. As a whole-school approach, weekly Green Thursday recycling was carried out every Thursday during our recesses. Inter-class (of each level) recycling competitions have been included to encourage students to exemplify their green movements.


School Green Awards (SGA)

Through the yearly participation of SGA organized by Singapore Environment Council, our school has effectively used this holistic environmental audit programme to raise environmental consciousness among our students, teachers and staff in order to work towards a sustainable future. We have become more mindful in monitoring the year-to-year progress in areas like water conservation, energy usage and recycling. 


E-waste Recycling

E-waste is electrical and electronic equipment of any kind that has been discarded. This includes practically anything powered by an electrical source (e.g. from a power socket or a battery).


“NorthEast District Environment Award” organised by North East Community Development Council and National Environment Agency (NEA)

Apart from adopting efforts and initiatives to increase the students’ knowledge on recycling, our school also extends similar regimen to deserving teacher(s). In recognising the dedication, initiative and effort of the main spokesman and teacher in-charge in spreading the environmental message, active role-modeling of the application of 3R in daily lives by bringing recyclables from home and leading and spearheading the students to learn and get involved in sustainable programmes / activities / events to know and create a Clean and Green environment within and outside school in the North East District.


Food Waste – Towards Zero Waste Singapore

Through ‘Live Your Food @ Schools’ project by National Environment Agency, we encourage our students to cherish food and take action to reduce the amount of food being thrown away everyday. The project instils in our students the value of not being wasteful, by cultivating appreciation and respect for the efforts and resources that go into growing and delivering food to our tables. 


Smart Nation Initiatives – Rivervale Pri Sch, a Smart and Green School

Our school is one of the pioneer schools taking up Smart Nation Initiatives. The following initiatives have been spearheaded effectively in our school :

1) Smart lighting, air conditioning and fans – Lights, fans and aircons within the enclosed rooms in the school will be triggered when the sensors detect human activities within the room. When the activities stopped, the power will be cut off to conserve electrical usage.

2) Smart Toilet – The ammonia sensor will be triggered and alert the school cleaners via SMS once the ammonia level reaches a certain level. i.e. too smelly.

3) The Smart cleaning Robot – This cleaning machine is able to move automatically on its own through sensors, mapping out its tracks as it disinfects, scrubs and cleans the floor. The only human intervention is for the cleaner to clean the mop/scrub, top up the disinfectant solution. It is safe as it will stop before any obstacles, which includes people.

4) The Smart Bin – Coupled with a solar panel, it runs partially with solar energy at locations with sufficient sunlight. The bin is able to compress the trash to compact it and once the capacity of the bin reaches a certain level, a SMS will be sent to the school cleaners to empty the bin.

5) Water and electrical meter monitoring – Water meters and electrical meters within the school is linked to a computerised management system. Any irregular usage of water (water leakages) or electricity (high usage, etc) within the premises will alert the system and thus the alert the school.


‘Energy Heroes! – The Mobile Exhibition’

Collaborating with SP Group and the Energy Market Authority (EMA), we participated in the programme engaging our students in a learning programme focusing on energy efficiency related exhbits and SPE group and encouraging them to practise good energy efficiency habits starting from home. 


‘NEWater Scientist Programme’ Learning Journey to NEWater Visitor Centre (PUB)

In providing an engaging outdoor learning experience on environmental issue, our school enrolled our P4 and P5 Environment Monitors for the NEWater Scientist Programme at NEWater Visitor Centre. This learning journey is purposefully intended to provide a multi-sensory learning experience for our students to learn about Singapore’s past water challenges, the 4 national taps and discover the technology behind NEWater. 


Learning Journey to Electricity Efficiency Centre

In providing an engaging outdoor learning experience on environmental issue, our school sent our P4 and P5 Environment Monitors for learning journey to Electricity Efficiency Centre (organized by SP Services). This learning journey is purposefully intended to enhance awareness on electricity efficiency, educate our students on energy-saving tips and practise good energy efficiency habits.


Students’ Voices

In the provision of an avenue to hear our students on environment issues and concerns, we conducted a Students’ Voices during Form Teacher Guidance Programme, FTGP. Form teachers shared and reiterated on the significance of 3Rs in our life. Students took a pledge on their responsibilities towards our environment and they discussed on the likely difficulties/problems in some students not bringing recyclables from home for the weekly recycling programme in the school and how we should do to encourage them to cultivate such good habit. 


Earth Hour

Yearly, we commemorate Earth Hour with a series of activities to reinforce and spread the green message meaningfully.


Green Week

We commemorate the annual Green Week with a series of activities to reinforce and spread the green message meaningfully.


Science Toy-Making (Slimes) (Global Classroom Programme)

Students exemplifying joy in learning as they learnt the scientific concepts behind slime-making.