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Character and Citizenship Education



Citizens with Heart - Individuals of Character


To nurture morally-upright leaders of good character and one with a heart for the nation.



Student Well-Being (SWB):

To develop students into individuals who lead healthy and active lifestyles while demonstrating care and concern for their environment and the community.


National Education (NE):

To inculcate in students the strong sense of loyalty and love for the nation and become citizens with a sense of national identity.


Values In Action (VIA):

To instill in students the moral values and inspire them to become socially and morally upright citizen with a sense of national identity.





















Mdm Ng Wan Jun



Mr Khair Johari

             SH NESS (Internal)           


Mrs Jamie Yeo

NESS Member, HOD Science


Ms Ang Hui Nee



Mdm Zubaidah

CCE/VIA Member, SH Malay Language


Mdm Sivakamy

NESS Member, LH Tamil Language


Mr Yee Siong Yew

CH VIA & Student Leadership and Development


Mdm Vicki Wan

NESS Member, ECG Coordinator, Senior Teacher


Mrs Yow Hwee Peng

NESS Member, Senior Teacher


Mrs Janis Chan

NESS Member, FTGP Coordinator


Mdm Lu Wan Min

CCE/VIA Member


Mdm Yu Zhang Xingzhi

CCE/VIA Member


Ms Wee Heng Fang

CCE/VIA Member


Mdm Li Song

CCE/VIA Member


Mdm Syahidah

CCE/VIA Member


Mdm Angela

CCE/VIA Member


Mdm Sivakamy

NESS Member


Ms Geraldine Goh

NESS Member


Ms Alyani

NESS Member


Mr Razif

NESS Member


Ms Jen Gan

NESS Member


Ms Nurul Nabila

NESS Member


Ms Sally Tan

NESS Member


Mdm Hartini

NESS Member


Mr Seah Jin Yang

NESS Member


Mdm Laura Tay

NESS Member



RIV BE Global Classroom in Hong Kong 2014



Hong Kong School Immersion 2013



Leading by Serving @ Batam 2013


Student Well-Being


Key programmes:

1)  CARE Monitors Healthy Snack Programme

2)  Community Blood Pressure Programme

3) Stay Healthy Programme



CARE Monitors Healthy Snack Programme

Students learn from the CARE monitors and get to taste and enjoy free healthy snacks. They appreciate the different types of healthy snacks available and realise that healthy snacks can be delicious too.


CARE Monitors Healthy Snack Programme - Photo 01 Learn useful tips from our CARE monitors on the different types of healthy snack available.
CARE Monitors Healthy Snack Programme - Photo 02 Ask questions about the different snacks from our CARE monitors.
CARE Monitors Healthy Snack Programme - Photo 03

Everyone is  welcome to try the healthy snacks!



Community Blood Pressure Programme

P5 students learn about interesting health tips from the parent volunteers and get to bring a blood pressure meter home for a day to measure their parents’ blood pressure. They learn about the importance of having a healthy blood pressure, how a healthy lifestyle can help maintain a healthy blood pressure level and how to use a blood pressure meter effectively.


Community Blood Pressure Programme - Photo 01

Community Blood Pressure Programme - Photo 02

Learn useful tips on how to measure your blood pressure using a blood pressure machine from the parent volunteers.

Community Blood Pressure Programme - Photo 03

Community Blood Pressure Programme - Photo 04

Bring home a blood pressure meter (for a day) and measure your parent’s blood pressure.


Stay Healthy Programme

The purpose of the programme is to inculcate healthy lifestyle among the new P1 students. They learn to settle down in a new environment comfortably, make new friends, eat healthily in relaxed manner and appreciate the different types of food sold in the school canteen.

Stay Healthy Programme - Photo 01 Learn to eat healthily from a variety of food from the buffet table.
Stay Healthy Programme - Photo 02 Friendly and approachable buddies  to help the P1 students.
Stay Healthy Programme - Photo 03 Having a fun time together.
Stay Healthy Programme - Photo 04 Learn about good personal hygiene practices.

National Education (NE)


Key programmes:

1)      Commemorating the 4 NE Days

2)      P1-P6 NE Learning Journeys (LJs)

3)      Annual NE Heritage Island-wide Trail


4 NE Days

Our school places a strong emphasis on our National Education programme. In collaboration with other departments, the National Education & Social Studies (NESS) Committee plans many interesting and meaningful activities to promote NE in the school. We commemorate the 4 main events - Total Defence Day (TDD), International Friendship Day (IFD), Racial Harmony Day (RHD) and National Day (ND) in school and reinforce the values of loyalty and love for Singapore in these celebrations in order to enhance the learning of the students.


National Education - Photos

P1-P6 NE LJs

In line with our RIV BE which emphasis on Experiential Learning, our various NE Learning Journeys aim to instil in our students, pride in Singapore’s achievements, to help them understand Singapore’s constraints, challenges and opportunities, build their confidence in our future, and nurture a sense of belonging to Singapore. Through the visit to the various heritage places and prominent landmarks in Singapore led by the teachers, students will get see the principles and theories learnt in the classroom and textbooks applied in real life situations, and understand that meritocracy, hard work, the desire to excel, and readiness to take calculated risks have allowed us to overcome many constraints and turn challenges into opportunities.


Venues of LJs:

P1-Marina Barrage

P2-National Orchid Garden

P3-Kampong Glam

P4-Visit to places of worship

P5-NE Show

P6-NE Heritage Trail



National Education - P1

National Education - P3

National Education - P4




Annual NE Heritage Island-wide Trail


Aligned to the NE framework “Head, Heart, Hands” and the school’s RIV BE, this heritage trail provides students with the opportunity to have their experiential learning outside the classroom setting and at the same time to inculcate in them an appreciation of Singapore’s unique aesthetic, cultural, and historical heritage through fact finding at prominent landmarks and locations island-wide in an enjoyable and interesting way. Through the Trail, students learn to appreciate how we preserve our cultural heritage even as Singapore progresses and thus feel proud to be a Singaporean.


Annual NE Heritage Island-wide Trail - Photos 01




Annual NE Heritage Island-wide Trail - Photos 02


Values In Action (VIA)


Key programmes:

1) Use Your Hands Campaign

2) Annual Staff Values In Action Programme (VIA)

3) Kindness Post


Use Your Hands Campaign

Students come together as a team and work together to keep their school and clean and green place. On this day, students come to school with their pails, gloves and rags, all ready to be in action. Under the guidance of their form teachers, students were divided into groups and assigned the tasks to be completed. During the cleaning process, students were told to separate all the recyclable and non-recyclable materials and these recyclable materials will then be brought to the recycling areas. This is a time, whereby our students portray their spirit of the school core value-Team work and Caring (Environment).


 Values In Action - Photos 01


Kindness Post

Kindness Post is one of our platforms to promote kindness and inculcate the value of CARE in our pupils. Teachers and pupils get to write appreciation notes to their friends or pupils who have display an act of kindness in school. These notes of appreciation were shown to the school during the “Appreciation Ceremony” carried out in one of our assembly.  Pupils or teachers get to present tokens of appreciation to the person who has displayed this act of kindness during this ceremony.



Kindness Post - Photo 01





1)   CDA Award (DA) (2011-2014)

2)   CHERISH Award (2010: Silver, 2011: Silver)