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Student Management



Aspiring Leaders, Individuals of Character


To inspire and develop Riverlites to be a servant leader and self-disciplined learner. 


Pupil Development Framework



Student Leadership:

To develop students into concerned citizens who are willing to lead by serving and contribute to the community.


Student Discipline:

To inculcate in students a sense of responsibility to self and others and to instill motivation and self-discipline into them so that they can become caring and empathetic citizens who will make a difference to the community.









Mr Zakir HOD Student Mgt & Well-being - internal


Ms Brenda Ng YH (P1&P2)


Mrs Angie Liu

YH (P5&P6)


Mdm HamimahYH (P3&P4)


Mdm Aisha AYH (P5&6) & Advisor (StD)


Ms Huang Bi YunAYH (P3&4) - Internal


Mdm Ng Hwee Koon

AYH (P1&2) & CH (PAL) - Internal


 Mdm Chew Mian Cheng 

Lead Teacher / P2 Form Teacher / Mother Tongue Teacher             


Mdm Nashita Senior Teacher/ P1 teacher


Mdm Marlina Level Head (EL)  & P6 teacher


Mdm Nicole TanLevel Head (SC) – internal & P5 teacher


Mdm Phua Li Min Subject Head (StL) -  internal & P5 Teacher


Ms Yap Chwee PhengCH / Student Support (StS)


 Ms Gayathri AED (LBS)


 Mr Anthony Augustin AED (T&L)


Mdm Nor Wahidah AED (T&L)


Mr Tan Wee Chean Operation Manager


Ms K Pavitra P1 teacher


  Mdm Aliz LimP2 teacher


 Mrs Linda Goh P2 teacher


Ms Nurmerdina Binte Mohd AzniP2 teacher


Mdm Mary Chua P2 teacher


Ms Nur SakinaP3 teacher


Mr Almanfalatih P4 teacher
 25. Mrs Pauline Foong P5 teacher 
 26.Mdm Nazrah Hanani   P6 form Teacher / Mother Tongue Teacher 

























Student Leadership:

Key Programmes:


Student Leadership Development

In Rivervale, we believe that all our students are leaders.  In order to reinforce the importance of leading by serving, opportunities are given to train all Riverlites to be servant leaders. The school provide numerous platforms for them to learn to lead by serve. Below are some of the trainings that are provided to our students.


a)  Training for Core Classroom Leaders

This training programme is to equip class leaders to know their roles and responsibilities. Students are divided into the 10 respective core classroom monitors roles. They are trained by different departments to inform them of the duties and expectations as leaders. Students are also assigned with tasks after the training to assist and lead projects organise by the various departments. Through these activities and projects, students gain confidence and exposure in working in teams with their peers and teachers. Posters are put up in the hall to give all students an idea of the roles and responsibilities of all the core monitors. Exco  prefects are being deployed to the P1 classes to train and brief the core monitors of the P1 students.



Mr Zaki training PE monitors


Figure 1 - Mr Zaki training PE monitors





Mr Khair training NESS monitors


Figure 2 - Mr Khair training NESS monitors




Proudly pinning on their badges - 01Proudly pinning on their badges - 02


Figure 3 - Proudly pinning on their badges





Posters of the 10 Core Classroom Monitors Displayed in the Hall


Figure 4 - Posters of the 10 Core Classroom Monitors Displayed in the Hall





Training of P1 Core Monitors by EXCO Prefects


Figure 5 - Training of P1 Core Monitors by EXCO Prefects





b)  Baseline Leadership Training

The programme provides all Riverlites an opportunity to learn about various leaders worldwide. The programme is carried out in two sessions; one is a mass lecture for the whole level and the other is a one-hour classroom activity whereby students learn more about their leadership capability.  At the end of the session, students reflect on the activity and list the ways they can serve the school.



c)  Student Leadership Training Camp (Prefects + CCA leaders)

This is an annual one-day camp for our student leaders in the school. During this one day camp, prefects and CCA leaders are taught of the various styles of leadership and are given scenarios on how to handle disputes and conflicts. Leaders are also exposed to outdoor activities for them to bond with one another and showcase their leadership skills. Students also learn in depth on how they can contribute in their CCA and assist the teachers in administration matter.



Nothing is impossible with creativity and teamwork

Nothing is impossible with creativity and teamwork



Thinking for solutions and making the right decision

Thinking for solutions and making the right decision




Student Discipline:


Key Programmes:



P6 Motivation Camp

Since 2011, the school has been organizing the motivation camp for all P6 students with the aim to help them to achieve their best possible results in their graduation year through self-motivation and self-discipline. The motivation camp also seeks to instill in the students the responsibility for self and others thus promoting better relationships with their friends and family members. 


 A reflection of the day’s activity.

 A reflection of the day’s activity.



Can you remember all the words?

Can you remember all the words?



Life is about choices.

Life is about choices.