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Lantern Festival Celebrations 2012

Theme: A Moonlit Evening of Song and Dance A Gathering for All to Come as One



22 Sep 2012, Saturday


5.30 pm to 9.30 pm


  • Riverlite Talentime Show
  • Giant Angry Bird Game
  • Spooky House



  • To understand people of other races and religions and the importance of mutual respect to preserve racial harmony.
  • To appreciate the different cultures and learn to cherish Singapore’s rich and diverse culture as a united strength.
  • To learn and appreciate the Chinese Culture through the celebration.
  • To inculcate the value of sharing during a festive celebration.


Our canteen was bustling with fun-filled activities for pupils and their families.



One of the game stalls where children get to aim for the stars!


Mooncake making session with young eager learners.


Our GOH and VIPs for the event were all lined up on stage for the opening ceremony.


Chinese Dance performance grabbed the attention of the crowd.


Our event emcees in their ethnic costumes.


Riverlites showing their talents on stage - Jive.


Our champion for the Riverlite Talentime.


Our first runner-up performing Hip Hop Dance.


Pupils from P2.5 performing a Chinese pop song item.