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Sports Carnival 2013



 Not Some But Everyone!


 12 April 2013


 8am –  1pm



  • Sports Arena
  • NAPFA Record Breakers
  • International Friendship Day Games



  • To commemorate International Friendship Day in a healthy and active manner
  • To reinforce the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle
  • To promote mass participation in sporting events
  • To nurture talents in sports



 Event In-Charge- Mr Syah Fidzuan

 2nd In-Charge - Mr M. Firdaus




Mr Mah giving the welcoming address to start the much anticipated carnival.


Mdm Zubaidah leads the Coney Captain’s Ball team for an important pre game warm- up.


Joshua skilfully dribbles for an Ubin glory.


Everyone has fun in the sun despite the level of competitiveness.


Students were the referees and scorekeepers for the day. What an experience!


Even our Student Alumni members were there to be part of the carnival.


Time to put the NAPFA training sessions to the test while the teacher and parent volunteers judge intently.


Who says girls aren’t tough? A student demonstrates a variation of a push up for the Record Breakers.


1 minute to execute as many sit-ups as possible. Bring it on!





Those not participating in the three games still had a chance to score points for their houses.




Our Guests of Honour gracing the event during the prize presentation ceremony.


Trophies and medals for the deserving victors.


Champion House for the carnival. Well done Ubin House!!