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CCA and Pupils Leadership Camp 2014


Date: 17-18 March 2014

Venue: Jalan Bahtera MOE Adventure Campsite


  1. Enhanced the leadership qualities of pupil leaders
  2. Leading by Serving in their respective areas

The pupil leaders were presented with situational challenges which they have to discuss, plan and present their solutions to the other fellow campers. Some examples include the planning the logistics for meals, area cleaning, wash up time.

At the same time, the pupil leaders have to work as a team to protect the treasure, the egg. They had to ensure that their eggs would not break till the end of the camp.


Campers decorating their egg and planning the way to keep their treasure safe.



Decorated treasure.




Pupil leaders present their  meal plans to the other groups.



Putting into action their meal plans and serving their fellow campers.


Teachers and alumni leading by example.


Mass lecture on Leadership by Mr Zakir.


Breakout sessions for the CCA pupil leaders and the Prefects.



Pupil leaders discussing in their respective groups.




Teams presenting their proposal and their plans to keep their ‘treasure’ intact.


Group photo before dismissal!