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Term 1 Active Week


Date: 10-12 March 2014

Venue: School


  1. To engage pupils in healthy activities
  2. Create a platform for CCA pupils to lead in serving their fellow Riverlites

The PE Department embarked on its first Active Week in 2013 where pupil leaders of selected CCAs served as sparring partners for the fellow Riverlites in Basketball, Badmminton and Football. There were also skill based challenges managed by pupil volunteers. The Active Week was well received last year, hence, the Department have decided to put it in our calendar in week 10 of Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3.

This year we included Scrabble as one of the activity to cater to different needs of pupils.


Skill based challenges managed by pupil volunteers.


Pupil volunteers who managed the skill based challenge.


Pupils from Scrabble CCA sparring with fellow Riverlites.


Pupils in Badminton CCA managed the game at ISH from setting up the courts to sparring with fellow Riverlites.


Pupil leaders in Football CCA organising the pupils before the start of the small sided game.