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Commemoration of Total Defence Day 2015



Our SAF: Giving Strength To Our Nation


13 February 2015


11.10a.m. – 12.15p.m.


  • MINDEF Talk by MAJ Ronald


  • Skit and quiz by students from Speech and Drama Club


  • Skit by teachers to showcase the five defences


Students will be able to learn the five aspects of Total Defence and how they can play a part in defending the country.























Mrs Angie Liu



Mrs Linda Goh

Teacher i/c


Ms Sandra Gerk





a. Key Highlight programme of Event

1. MINDEF officer shared his exciting career and emphasise the ‘importance of Military Defence’  to the students


2. Students from Speech and Drama Club put up a skit and quiz to talk about the Military Defence


3. Teachers put up a skit to illustrate the importance of the five aspects of defences (Military Defence, Civil Defence, Social Defence, Economic Defence and Psychological Defence)


4. N.E.Mation Video Screening

   (N.E.Mation Clip : Thank You, SAF)


5. Water Rationing Exercise during recess


6. Food Rationing Exercise during recess


7. Electricity Cut-Off Exercise in Class


8. Penmanship Prize Presentation for P1 and P2



b. RIVE BE(experiential learning ) during Event

Concrete Experience: Students experienced how hot and stuffy it was when electricity was cut off in the class, how inconvenient it was when there was no water supply in the toilets and how difficult life would be if there was no food to eat.


Reflective Observation: Students reflected and shared with their classmates how they felt after experiencing the above. They highlighted that food, water and electricity were precious.


c. Integrated programme

Students learn about the 5 aspects of Total Defence, namely Military, Civil, Social, Economic, Psychological Defence




MINDEF officer sharing ‘exciting career’ and emphasising the ‘importance of Military Defence’ to the students.























 MINDEF officer receiving a small token from our Vice Principal, Mr Khou





 Skit and quiz by the Speech and Drama Club




An interesting  skit talking about the 5 aspects of Total Defence


 Teachers wearing their military uniforms