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Racial Harmony Day 2015



Harmony in Our Hands


21st July 2015




Traditional games and activities, appreciation of ethnic dances, cultural booths and food fair


To celebrate our diversity and richness as we come together and find strength from our shared experiences and heritage







Mdm Sivakamy



Mdm Ng Wan Jun







This year’s theme for Racial Harmony Day is ‘Harmony in Our Hands’. Many students and staff members wore traditional costumes to school on that day. We started the celebration in the school hall with interactive cultural booths on Singapore’s multiracial diversity. Our parent volunteers also participated in this event. Not only did they teach the students how to play traditional games such as five stones, chapteh, paper balls, they also helped out at the cultural booths with the hand-on activities such as Henna and Bunga Rampai.  Social Studies teachers also carried out classroom activities to highlight the fact that living in harmony depends on us and reinforce the importance of building a harmonious relationship with fellow Singaporeans of different races.

Through the various hand-on activities at the cultural booths and playing of traditional games, students learnt to appreciate the culture and traditions of the different races.

Through the Doodle board in the hall, students reflected and shared with their classmates how they felt during the RHD commemoration. They also highlighted to their friends that racial harmony is important to maintain a nation which is safe and peaceful.

Students learn about the importance of Racial Harmony and understood the fact that living in harmony depends on us and we have to continue building harmonious relationships with fellow Singaporeans of different races.


Students had a great time doing the Bunga Mangga.


Students engaged themselves in the cultural activities games such as the Congkat and Chinese Calligraphy.


Our lovely dancers dressed in their beautiful costumes to teach their peers the dance movements.

The making of the Mandarian Oranges by students of other races.


Boys having a fun time playing the Pick-up sticks.


Students of various races learning how to use the chopsticks.


The satisfying looks on the students’ faces with their Henna.


Doodler corner for the students to pen down their reflections.