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Community Conservation Bonding Day 2016






15th July 2016


4.30p.m. - 6.00p.m.


Residents from the community gathered to make terrariums to demonstrate their appreciation to the cleaners for keeping our environment clean


To create a better awareness amongst students of being socially responsible to take care of the environment.















Mdm Ng Wan Jun

Teacher i/c


Ms Tham Jia Ning

Teacher i/c






In order to promote kindness and the importance of showing appreciation to others, the Kindness Ambassadors of Rivervale Primary School together with the VIA monitors have come together to organize a Community Conservation Bonding Day for the students as well as the residents around the neighbourhood. This was to rope in the community’s effort to conserve the environment.


Prior two weeks before the event, all students were encouraged to bring recyclable bottles from their home. Prior the collection day, students also walked round the school to pick up litter and at the same time looked out for more recyclable bottles from home. These bottles were collected during the recess time on every Thursday. A collection of recycled bottles was also carried out in the staff room and school canteen for the teaching and non-teaching staff. The teaching and non-teaching staff also reinforced the importance of saving the environment and how every Riverlite could contribute towards loving Mother Earth through contributing the recycled bottles from home. 


During the Conservation Community Bonding Day, a talk on environmental conservation to raise awareness of the importance of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling (3Rs) was conducted by the selected P5 VIA monitors and the Kindness Ambassadors. The participants also made their own terrariums which were presented to the cleaners around the neighbourhood. While presenting the terrariums to the cleaners and workers in the neighbourhood, students had the opportunity to interact with them. Through the interactions, the students understood the hardwork and effort these cleaners made in order to maintain the cleanliness in the neighbourhood.  This valuable experience helped the students to realize that they should not to take the clean and green environment around them for granted.




Collection of the recycled bottles


A talk on environmental conservation to raise awareness on the importance of Reducing, Reusing and
Recycling (3Rs) was conducted.


Making of the terrariums


Extremely proud and happy about their final products






Terrariums for the cleaners


Interaction time with the cleaners


Presenting of terrariums to the cleaners in the community as a gesture of appreciation