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National Day Celebrations 2017


One Nation Together


8 August 2017


7.45a.m. - 10.30 a.m.


Formal parade, concert and National Day pre-activities


Students will learn

1)       To appreciate and understand the significance of National Day for Singaporeans

2)      About the history of Singapore and how Singaporeans overcame the odds to become an independent country.

Event Committee Members





Ms Geraldine Goh

Main I/C


Ms Sally Tan

Co I/C


Mdm Asyiqin

Co I/C

This year’s theme for National Day is ‘One Nation Together’. We started the celebration one week before National Day with National Day pre-activities during Social Studies lessons. The pre-activities helped the students to understand how Singaporeans can unite as one nation and foster a greater sense of belonging to Singapore.

On the day of the celebration, students and staff watched a formal parade by Red Cross and Scouts. They marched into the parade square with our state flag. The Head and Vice- Head Prefects read the National Day message before reciting the Recollection with the school. Students understood and appreciated the significance of National Day.

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 01National Day Celebrations 2017 - 02

After the recitation, choir members performed two songs, “Tomorrow’s here today” and “Because it’s Singapore”. This helped to evoke a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore.

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 03National Day Celebrations 2017 - 04

Lower consortium students took part in the Lower Primary Games Day while the middle and upper consortium students watched the National Day concert in the hall. The concert started with a quiz for the Primary 5 and 6. They took part in a quiz titled “Don’t forget the Lyrics” and they had to recall the lyrics to popular National Day songs.

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 05

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 06

This was followed by another quiz for the Primary 3 and 4 NESS monitors. This quiz was aimed to find out how well the students know about their country.

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 07

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 08

Next, the students watched a skit performed by our school’s Drama Club. The theme of the skit is called “Our Nation: Building a Singapore for Everyone”. The students learnt about their forefathers’ experiences and struggles during the early years of Singapore.

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 09

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 10

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 11

The concert ended with community singing of familiar National Day Songs.

National Day Celebrations 2017 - 12