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Children's Day

On Children Day 2018, our students embarked on a learning journey to the following places, Singapore Zoological Gardens, River Safari, Gardens by the Bay, Art Science Museum, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and Jurong Bird Park. 


It was a memorable trip for the Primary 1 students. The Primary 1 students were able to observe the animals they have read about from their STELLAR book in the zoo. On the day of the trip, they were given a booklet to record their experiences and information as they visited the various animal enclosures. The highlight of the trip was the Sea Lion Show at the Amphitheatre. The students were impressed by the sea lion’s intelligence and tricks.


The Primary 2 students learnt about the world’s most iconic rivers and the diversity of animals supported by the unique ecosystem of each river. The highlight of the trip was their visit to the Giant Panda Forest as they met Kai Kai and Jia Jia in the climate-controlled biodome. 

Teachers made use of the different species of plants on display in the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest to teach students about biodiversity, sustainability and conservation. 

The Primary 4 students were dazzled by the digital and interactive artwork in the Future World exhibition. Future World is divided into five galleries – Nature, Town, Park, Space and Sanctuary. The students really enjoyed the hands-on interactive play space. There were many interesting activities in the galleries, for instance, visitors could colour the picture and watch their drawing appear on a live screen. 

The Primary 5 students were enchanted by the vast diversity of animals and plants in the world and their associated environmental issues. The highlight of the museum are the three sauropod dinosaur fossils that were on display.


The Primary 6 students were awestruck by the Kings of the Skies show as the birds of prey flew so skilfully above their head. It was a memorable experience as they also got to visit the breeding and research centre where the eggs were hatched and the birds are taken care of.