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Racial Harmony Day


 Diversity Our Strength


 20 July 2018


 7.45a.m. - 9.15a.m.


 Traditional games and activities, cultural booths, NE Gallery and food fair


 Students will learn

1) To make friends with people of other races and religions through playing of traditional games

2)  To appreciate the different cultures that make up Singapore

Event Committee Members





Ms Alyani

Teacher I/C

This year’s theme for Racial Harmony Day is ‘Diversity Our Strength’. We started the celebration one week before Racial Harmony Day with traditional games daily in our newly refurbished NE Gallery and Racial Harmony Day pre-activities during Social Studies lessons. The pre-activities helped the students to understand that building and maintaining the harmonious relationship between the different races depends on them, and reinforced the importance of racial harmony.   On the day of the celebration, students and staff watched a short skit put up by our school’s Speech and Drama club after the weekly V-10 session. The topic for V-10 and the skit is on one of the school’s core value- Harmony. Students were taught the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with their peers of different races. After which, students proceed to their respective CCAs and played the various traditional games within CCA. Students got to participate in hands-on activities such as Chinese calligraphy and making of Malay Bunga Manggar led by our CCA leaders. The objective is to promote racial harmony and strengthen the racial integration bond within each CCA group which consist of mixed groups of students. Student leaders also get to display their leadership qualities through “Leading by Serving” by guiding their peers through the hands on activities. During recess, students also get to visit the interactive cultural booths at the Indoor Basket Ball Court (IBC) and the play traditional game at the NE Gallery.

Video Link


Students of different dance groups learning the CIMO (Chinese Indian Malay others) Dance.


Students playing the traditional games within their CCAs


They even get to play some of the childhood games that their parents played. 


Non-Chinese student got a chance to learn Chinese Calligraphy!


Making their own wrist garland through the guidance from their CCA leaders


Non-Malay students get to learn how to make Bunga Manggar!

Quiz Time!


Penning down their thoughts


Let me show you how to say number 1 to 10 in Malay!