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Dance Fever

DANCE FEVER (Dance Aces Nurturing Cultural Expression For EVEry Riverlite), is the Life-long Learning Programme (LLP) of Rivervale Primary School. Unique to the school, DANCE FEVER became the niche of the school and was later identified as Rivervale Primary School’s LLP in 2014. With the commitment to making Every School A Good School, the LLP aims at catering to the diverse talents and interests of all Riverlites and to inculcate habits of active lifestyle through dance. This LLP consists of 2 tiers. Tier 1 comprises programmes that cater to the masses. They include multi-cultural dance, mass dance for all, P5 Hip Hop and P6 K-Pop dance programmes. Tier 2 caters to select groups of students, mainly the dance CCAs and students who exhibit potential in dance.  In 2016, DANCE FEVER was reviewed and refined to encompass fitness and movement. Further enhancement from 2017 included a component on dance-related knowledge to raise awareness in different dance genres as well as to widen students’ perspective of dance. This mass sessions are conducted for the whole school throughout the year and are structured into the LLP.


Key Programmes

       -        Mass Dance and Fitness (Pri 1 – 6)

       -        Pri 4 Cultural Dance Programme (in collaboration with PE Department)

       -        Pri 5 Hip Hop Dance Programme (in collaboration with PE Department)

       -        Pri 6 K-Pop Dance Programme

Mass Dance and Fitness
To promote dance as a form of fitness to the students, our Riverlites participate in 6 sessions of Mass Dance and Fitness throughout the year. They also experience different genres of dance and enjoy dancing as a form of exercise.


Primary 1 to Primary 3 dancing together! Spot our teachers as well!


Incorporating fitness into dance movements.


Our Primary 4 to Primary 6 students in action


Putting in their best to learn the dance, teachers and students alike.

Primary 4 to Primary 6 Dance Programmes

To promote cultural literacy and appreciation of the arts through the learning of multicultural and modern dance 

movements, our Riverlites go through a series of dance programmes where they learn Cultural Dances, Hip Hop 

and K-Pop dance movements.


Primary 6 students performing a K-Pop dance at the annual Speech Day