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Global Classroom Programme

Rivervale Brand of Education (Riv BE) Global Classroom


With the emphasis on developing 21st Century Competencies in our pupils and the recognition that schools’ internationalization efforts strongly support the Desired Outcomes of Education, Riv BE Global Classroom or Riv BE GC is designed to support these outcomes. Riv BE GC is a structured school programme where the design is inspired from the school curriculum framework Riv BE. It provides our pupils with the borderless classrooms where they learn to be independent, make friends, exercise confidence and manage their finance through the financial literacy programme.



Rivervale Brand of Education (Riv BE) Global Classroom - 01 



This is Riv BE Global Classroom framework which is cascaded from the BSC overview to give us a clearer picture on how we design our Global Classroom programme via the 4P approach that focuses on “People”, “Process”, “Provision” and “Platform”. The design takes into consideration the width and depth to achieve the Riv BE-21CC Student Outcomes and the strategic objectives of


  1. Inculcating in our pupils a  strong sense of loyalty to  the nation
  2. Imbuing in pupils the school core values
  3. Developing pupils’ social and emotional competencies and instilling moral values and
  4. Nurturing their leadership potential.


The width is supported by a 2-tier approach. At tier 1, every pupil at P2 will experience an overnight stay locally and every pupil at P3 will have the opportunity to experience authentic learning beyond the shores of Singapore to neighbouring Malaysia. At tier 2, Primary 4 to Primary 6 pupils are selected based on sets of criteria and guidelines to meet the intent of the trips, the specific objectives and the countries that pupils will be visiting.


The depth looks at the impact it has on pupils’ learning in 3 broad categories, namely, National Education, Values Inculcation and Character Development.


Rivervale Brand of Education (Riv BE) Global Classroom - 02


In summary, the Riv BE Global Classroom is future-oriented as it seeks to imbue in our pupils the necessary dispositions, skills, knowledge and values for them to thrive and succeed in a global world of opportunities.